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Raymond Wintz - Blue Harbour

Blue Harbour
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Artist Biography
Raymond Wintz was born in Paris on 25 March 1884. He was the son of the painter Guillaume Wintz (1823 - 1899) and the husband of the painter Renee Carpentier (-Wintz) (1913 - 2003).

Wintz trained at the School of Decorative Arts and the National College of Fine Arts in Paris. He was a pupil of Jules Adler at the Ecole Francais and started exhibiting at the Salon des Artistes Francais in 1910. He is best known for painting marine and coastal views in Brittany, France and one of his most famous works, The Blue Door, has been widely reproduced in print.

Paintings attributed to ‘Richard Wintz’ and ‘R. Wintz’ also appear to be by Raymond Wintz, displaying many of his characteristic motifs and stylistic features. The confusion has possibly arisen because his signature is ‘R. Wintz’ and ‘R. Wints’ appears to be a misreading of this.

Wintz’s works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world including the Petit-Palais in Paris and the museums of Reims, Montreal, Montevideo and Glasgow. His paintings sometimes appear for sale at auction with most originating from and returning to private collections.
About this Piece
Raymond Wintz is best known for his paintings of marine and coastal views in Brittany, ‘Blue Harbour’ is a great example of his typical theme.

The painting depicts a beautiful harbour, with boats gently floating in the clear blue sea on a bright sunny day, giving an idealized view of the area. The interesting perspective allows the viewer to look down to the shore, the people in the scene are also looking in the same direction, out into the distance. The buildings have a nautical charm with brightly coloured shutters and rustic features.

The style in which Raymond Wintz painted can be broadly termed ‘realism’, although a slight leaning towards impressionism has been noted. He may have been attracted to the Brittany locations because of the quality of the light. He has been called ‘the painter of light’ and his works were described as 'nostalgic' even in the 1950s. To a modern day audience his paintings may evoke childhood memories of holidays on the coast.