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Angellini - Sea Wall III

Sea Wall III
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Artist Biography
Angellini holds a B.A. in English with a minor in Visual Design, taken in 1974. She performed in local musical theatre, then moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in Insurance Marketing before moving on again in 1981. After raising two daughters, she dedicated her life to her art.

Born and raised in Alabama, the Deep South still holds a powerful attraction for Angellini and she finds herself drawn back to her roots time and again to "simplify her life". The marine lifestyle of the Gulf Coast holds a particular fascination for her, which is reflected in her vibrant watercolors of serene waterways and the dazzling play of light on a harbour alive with activity. Angellini's subtle balancing of line and light, veiled in luscious washes of translucent colour are reminiscent of Monet or Pissarro. Whether she draws her inspiration from the gaudy excitement of jazz musicians from the Latin Quarter of New Orleans, the refined figurative painting of John Singer Sargent, or the marine painting of Winslow Homer, Angellini possesses a unique ability to distill the world around her into a brilliant experience of light and colour.

"For me, art is a daily requirement of life," Angellini explains, "I either need to be seeing it, touching it, talking about it, selling it, or best of all, doing it. I am so thankful that I have supportive people in my life who realize the importance that art holds for me. And God willing, I want to be able to paint for the rest of my life."

The artist credits her appreciation of the work of the French Impressionists for her skill with both acrylic and watercolours and delights in capturing the moment with exuberant style.

She has two daughters and is a lover of animals, with three cats and two dogs.