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Prints and Posters

Open Editions

Rosenstiel's has around 8,000 different open edition prints in stock at any one time. The different collections illustrate an unparalleled selection of attractive and affordable images for every taste, budget and decorative scheme. The prints feature traditional and contemporary subject matter, including a selection of the world's finest artists, from the great Old Masters to some of today's most talented designers.

Prints and Posters are printed in a variety of different ways, including offset litho and digital which are usually referred to as giclées. 

Giclée Prints

Our prints are produced on various high quality substrates, including 450gsm Poly-Cotton Canvas or 260gsm Satin Paper and 260gsm Glossy Paper, using only very specialised inks. The giclée printing process utilises images that are generated from high resolution digital scans and uses advanced colour printing techniques, to produce prints of an outstanding calibre.

Fine Art Editions

There are a number of collections within our Fine Art Section, which are all printed and published to the very highest quality:

Superior Editions

They are all numbered and accompanied by a certificate. They are printed using Rosenstiel's registered process called a Gouttelette®. The Gouttelette® process is based on digital technology, but has some quirks which are exclusive to Rosenstiel's and leads to an extraordinary quality. 

Gouttelette® prints have remarkable colour saturation and continuous tone characteristics. All Gouttelettes® are either produced on acid free calcium carbonate buffered archival watercolour paper with a distinct textured surface or on fine archival quality canvas, coated with a layer of acid free ink receptor.

On light-fastness, the ink and paper combinations generally used, meet the standards of both the Fine Art Trade Guild's blue wool scale and those of Wilhelm Imaging Research in America. Almost invariably we use Hahnemühle paper and we are a  Hahnemühle Certified Studio for fine art printing. Papers are chosen to complement the image. These are not limited editions, but each reproduction is accompanied by a certificate giving the background to the image, artist information and the prints and the certificates are numbered to match the most recent copy to be produced. The certificate is then signed by the master printer to confirm the quality.

Limited Editions

Limited Edition prints are produced on a number of different substrates and provide an affordable way to have a very special item for the collector. Each limited edition is individually quality checked and is accompanied by varying support material, including certificates which are numbered to match the number on the print and are either signed by the artist or a member of the artist's family (if the artist is deceased) or by the master printer.

888 Collection

The 888 Collection are Giclée prints containing a printed signature by the artist in the border and individually hand numbered out of the edition size of 888. The Collection has been carefully curated to offer styles and images that will complement the living spaces of the most discerning world traveller and art collector. The Giclées are produced on archival 230GSM paper, and are printed to Rosenstiel's high standards. The technique involved is a time consuming process that Rosenstiel's has made their own, to ensure the highest possible reproduction quality. The end result is an affordable product, but produced so that the colour and beauty of the images last a lifetime.

Atelier Collection

The vast majority of the Atelier Collection are printed from original or early copper plates and are then hand coloured by artists. This represents the best of 19th Century British and European Art and they can be regarded as antiques of the future. A full explanation of the processes are contained in our leather bound Atelier Book and also appear on our website under Superior Editions.

Print on Demand

Separately, from the standard product as shown on our two sections Prints and Posters and Fine Art Editions, we pride ourselves on being able to produce all of our images, where copyright permission has been granted, in many different ways and almost to any size that the customer requires.

We have three standards of product and, for ease of identity, we have broken these down into Gold, Silver and Bronze.


We refer to this as Art on Damand. All images are produced using our exclusive Gouttelette® printing process.

We use Hahnemühle paper for all reproductions, with the paper chosen to suit the subject matter. We are a Hahnemühle Certified Studio for Fine Art Printing and this prestigious appointment reinforces the quality of our product.

For all reproductions of photographic artwork, we use a paper with a substantially enhanced gloss feel. 


We refer to this as Print on Demand. All high quality reproductions are produced by the same process as we print our  giclées.

For canvas we use a micro-porous canvas substrate, which is water resistant.

For printing of artwork, excluding photography, we give a choice of either a satin finish or an enhanced matte finish whilst, for photography, we use a gloss paper. In general, we try and ship all orders within two working days and every print is hand checked for quality for consistency before despatch.


This is very much for the volume market, where price is a significant driver.

For canvas, we use a 100% polyester substrate and for paper we use a matte digital paper at 170 gsm. The product remains consistent and quality but in order to meet price competitive requirements, there is a minimum order requirement of 10 of an image in a specific size.

Additionally, using both our Gold standard Art on Demand and our Silver standard Print on Demand, we can print on a wide variety of substrates including:

  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Acetate
  • Aluminium
  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl

All of these additional substrates are only available on request and quotations will be given, which vary from substrate to substrate.

Colours and Sizes

Every possible care has been taken in the creation of this website to match the colours of illustrations with those of actual prints. However, colours do not always reproduce exactly and there might be colour variations between illustrations and prints.

Sizes provided are as accurate as can be reasonably provided. However, dimensions should be viewed as a rough guide only. Please do not manufacture or order frames based purely on sizes provided on this website. Rosenstiel's reserve the right to change sizes when reprinting.